April 3, 2023

#49 Filmmaking and Freelancing with Fishcat Zombie

#49 Filmmaking and Freelancing with Fishcat Zombie
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Fishcat Zombie is a freelance filmmaker and founder of Visual Jutsu, a production and animation agency. He shares his experience of how he went from studying to lecturing cinematography before going freelance, and everything he did to prepare himself for that. He also shares some tips on how he builds and maintain client relationships to give them the best possible outcome. Fish also shares a bit of the processes from a past video projection, as well as some of the work already going into his personal movie project. 





00:00 Intro

01:19 Origin of the name

03:47 Studying film and building skills

09:04 Deciding to quit job and preparing to go freelance

22:49 Working under covid restrictions

30:52 Starting Visual Jutsu and building client relationships

48:57 Past and future projects