May 1, 2023

#51 with Alexandre Tilmans

#51 with Alexandre Tilmans
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In this episode we have an interesting conversation with Alexandre Tilmans, co-founder of the Baz-Art Organisation, who shifted into the art space after working in finance and construction before finding a love for craft beer and the creative challenges involved in it. After working closely with street artists, Alexandre started the International Public Art Festival that has soared over recent years. We also touch on other topics, like Alex’s involvement with First Thursdays, building personal and working relationships with the artists, and how to manage your expectations and the reality of doing business. Find out more about Baz-Art and the IPAF here:


00:00 Intro 04:19 Craft beer and street artists coming together 12:57 Popularising Cape Town’s First Thursdays event 15:05 Working with artists in public spaces and promoting positive social change 30:46 Interesting artist stories and past projects 37:39 Building relationships with artists 43:09 International Public Arts Festival 56:05 Expectations vs reality