Jan. 24, 2022

#6 - Design in the Public Sector with Chanel Chomse

#6 - Design in the Public Sector with Chanel Chomse
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Chanel is a service designer who made her stand in SA and is now based in the UK where she works for the local government. We get to chat with her about her emmigration, suddenly dealing with the pandemic just after starting her new job, as well as some interesting and challenging projects she’s worked on during her time in the industry.

Here are some links of the links Chanel mentioned in the podcast:

- The team's blog: https://servicetransformation.blog.essex.gov.uk/

- Hybrid model framework: https://servicetransformation.blog.essex.gov.uk/2021/06/08/sharing-our-hybrid-model-exploration-framework/

- Mega mentor: https://mega-mentor.com/

- Ladies that UX: https://www.ladiesthatux.com/





- Design Buddies on discord: https://discord.gg/X4t82WZk