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Unconventional career paths

Exploring unconventional career paths from artists, and authors, to poets and carpenters.

Aug 31, 2023

Just incase no-one told you…

Your career journey doesn’t have to follow a set blueprint. In fact, stepping outside the norm can lead to incredible opportunities. Let's talk about how.

Interdisciplinary Collaborations: Combining two fields can lead to amazing results. A graphic designer might partner with a scientist to visualize complex data, making it accessible to everyone. The overlap of different disciplines can offer fresh insights and creative solutions.

Consider: Have you ever been inspired by another field? Think about how it could intersect with your own passion.

Opportunities Across Industries:

Your skills can be applied beyond the 'obvious' areas. A skilled writer isn’t just for publishing; they’re invaluable in advertising, tech, and even finance for clear communication. Think about where your skills can shine, not just where they traditionally belong.

Think About: If there was no 'typical' industry for your skill, where else could you see yourself working?

The Value of Personal Projects:

Those ideas you work on in your spare time? They’re important. Personal projects often show your genuine passions and can catch the eye of potential employers or collaborators. They demonstrate initiative, dedication, and a commitment to your craft.

Reflection: What have you been passionate about but kept on the backburner? It might be time to bring it forward.

Unconventional paths can be challenging, but they’re often rewarding. By exploring different intersections and opportunities, you can carve a unique and fulfilling career path.

Here’s to creating your own success story,